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Ireland in September: all you need to know to plan a trip

by Mama Loves Ireland
View from Howth cliff walk with sea and Martello Tower on September afternoon

Essential travel guide to help you plan a trip to Ireland in September: weather, best things to see, need to know.

September is a lovely month to visit Ireland.

It is the month when the summer starts coming to an end and fall makes an appearance and I often feel it is the time when you get the best of both seasons.

On a good day, September can still be bright, mild and even warm, especially at the beginning of the month and on a colder day, it often brings bright, crisp days great for walks and outdoor activities. The photo at the top of this post was taken in September!

However, make no mistake: September can also have miserable days!

As I write this (1st of September), the weather is dull and grey however, not cold or so wet to be a problem.

If I was a visitor, I would still be able to get out and sightsee and I would probably even welcome the cloudy sky and romantic and atmospheric.

I would just make sure to bring a light jacket (I am wearing denim, to give you an idea of the temperature): in the evening especially, you most definitely want to have an extra layer.

Important! Please check official channels to travel restrictions that currently apply to foreign travel to Ireland and mobility within the country. You can find the relevant Government Site here.

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Irish castle with pink flowers and text: planning a trip to Ireland in Septmeber all you need to know

Ireland in September: official temperatures

According to official channels, the average temperature in Ireland in September is 14C/56C degrees.

This means you are comfortable wearing a long sleeve top and light cardigan but may be able to also stay in short sleeves in the hottest hours of the day on a sunny day (at least, locals do! If you are used to hot weather like me, that may not be an option).

In the evening, the temperature drops and you will need a light jacket.

The minimum temperature in Ireland in September tends to be around 10C/50F.

How much does it rain in Ireland in September?

September is one of the driest months in Ireland.

You will get rain, potentially often too, however, you also have good chances of bright days with little humidity.

The best way to prepare for the weather is to have a light rain layer that you can take on and off.

While sometimes you have days of solid rain, most of the time in September you will find dry spells and rain showers alternating during the day so the versatility of clothing is key.

You can find here my full packing list for Ireland in September, with my best tips on what to wear and must-haves.

Ireland main attractions in September: what to expect

September is a good month to visit pretty much all Irish attractions.

Below you will find my selection of the most popular and what to expect.

Please note: health regulations mean some attractions are currently closed or subject to sudden closures. I recommend you book free cancellation or refundable tickets whenever possible – I have included relevant links whenever possible.

Blarney Castle in September

Blarney Castle is wonderful in September.

The castle has wonderful grounds and, at this time, you can see the nature here transitioning from summer blooms to fall colors, giving the castle and truly magical and atmospheric appearance.

If you can, I recommend you visit during the week rather than the weekend: this is a popular attraction and weekends are popular here.

You can read what we loved about Blarney castle and our tips for visiting here.

How to get tickets: you can get tickets from the castle itself here or opt for an organized tour, which is a great option especially if you don’t have a car or want to take a break from driving.

Blarney Castle on cloudy day

The Cliffs of Moher in September

I would love to say that September is a lovely month to visit the cliffs of Moher however, the truth is slightly more nuanced than that.

September can indeed be amazing at the Cliffs of Moher however, you are never guaranteed the weather here and you will never know what you get until the last minute so checking local weather conditions before setting off for the day is paramount.

The good thing about the cliffs is that unless on days of storms or weather warnings, during which you absolutely must stay away, you can visit them pretty much in all weather conditions.

While a sunny dry day is probably the most pleasant, even with some fog or light rain the cliffs have a lot to offer so don’t dismiss a visit just because of a grey day, should the cliffs be deemed safe by local authorities.

You will find information about the weather conditions and safety on site: make sure you abide by them, the weather is no joke here!

You can read our tips for visiting the cliffs here and recommended day tours to see them here

Ring of Kerry, Killarney and Dingle in September

September can be a lovely time to visit the West and Killarney, Kenmare, the Ring of Kerry and the nearby Dingle Peninsula all have a lot to offer in this season.

On a good day, you can enjoy the towns, the castles and the drives of this glorious area; on a rainy day, you can find solace in the lovely restaurants of Killarney, discover beautiful Muckross House, go for afternoon tea, whiskey tasting or enjoy one of Killarney’s beautiful hotel interiors for the day.

The one important thing to be aware of in this part of Ireland is how dangerous the roads can be. Do not underestimate the rain or the fog and avoid being on the road in less than ideal conditions. It is not easy to drive here and a drive such as the Ring of Kerry or similar must be avoided in poor visibility conditions.

Connemara and Galway in September

Connemara is rainy in all seasons and September is no exception!

mountain path in Connemara with water and mountain in the background

However, there is a lot Connemara has to offer to visitors in this season.

Things not to be missed here are the famous Kylemore Abbey, one of the most famous attractions in Ireland but most of all Connemara’s beaches and walks, remote and stunning.

In September, Connemara also has hosts some nice festivals such as the Clifden Art Festivals that add to the experience of the place.

This is also a good time to go to the Delphi Resort, a wonderful place if you love sports to enjoy Connemara’s nature. Just make sure you dress for the weather!

You can find good day tours to Connemara from Galway here, perfect if you don’t want to drive.

They are a great way to experience both this lovely city and the surrounding countryside with no stress.


September is usually a great time to visit Newgrange (and a popular one!). However, this year access is limited to guarantee the safety of visitors.

You can find official information here: please do check carefully so you know what to expect.

Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains in September

I love Glendalough in September and I am not the only one: the place, in normal times, gets pretty busy at this time!

Glendalough round tower

This is a lovely month for walking around the lakes, letting the kids run around and visiting the wonderful monastic village. You can read our guide to visiting Glendalough here.

Please be advised that in 2020 the visitors center and the cafe are closed. The monastic village is, however, accessible (come early as the parking lot fills up fast).

The area around Glendalough is stunning and September sometimes brings lovely days that are perfect for hikes and short walks.

My favorite family-friendly hikes in Wicklow are the walk to Lough Dan and the climb up to Djouce.

The Lough Dan walk is best if you want to finish your walk with a nice picnic lakeside, while the climb up Djouce from the Sally Gap is idea if you love views. The photo below is of this hike mid-September this year: isn’t it stunning?

Lough Tay Wicklow ireland as seen from the hike up Djouce montain


Dublin can be visited all year round and September is one of the nicest months in the city.

As well as the main Dublin attractions, at this time you can participate in Dublin’s Culture Night, which is always fun and you may well have the good weather to visit its beautiful park or coast: Howth and Killiney are stunning at this time.

As well as the inner city, September can be a wonderful time for walks in the area. One of my favorite is the Howth Cliff Walk, which has several paths with beautiful views of the sea.

You can read our recommended itinerary for 2 days in Dublin here.

View from Howth Cliffwalk with sea and Martello Tower

The best things to do in Ireland in September at a glance

Name of attractionType of attraction
Explore the many attractions of Dublin CityCity exploring (museums, landmarks, restaurants, etc)
Go hikingOutdoors pursuit
Escape the rain with a warming meal in an Irish pub (regulations permitting)Entertainment
Explore beautiful Trim Castle, Ireland’s largest Anglo-Normal castleCastle exploring
Experience the Cliffs of Moher on a bright September daySightseeing, natural attraction
Visit world famout Blarney CastleCastle exploring, sightseeing
Experience the stunning beaches of Country Cork (with a wet suit if planning on getting into the water)Outdoors pursuit, natural attractions
Wrap up and experience the stunning views and beaches of DonegalOutdoors pursuit, sightseeing, Natural attractions
Visit Killarney Town and Killarney National ParkOutdoors pursuit, sightseeing, Natural attractions

What to pack for Ireland in September

To visit Ireland in September you need layers, light rain gear and all your essentials such as tech gear, documents and a first aid kit.

You can find my full packing list for Ireland in September here.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful: happy travel planning!

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