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Malahide Castle with kids: all you need to know to visit this stunning estate

by Mama Loves Ireland

Malahide Castle with kids: why we love this family friendly castle near Dublin and recommend it for an easy, fun, family day out with the kids.

Malahide Castle is one of the most popular places for a family day out in Dublin and it is easy to see why: the castle that gives the name of the estate is beautiful (and can be nice for parents to visit), there are expansive grounds for kids to run around and wonderful playgrounds with huge climbing structures perfect for children small and big.

On top of this, here you have a large Avoca cafe which, while often very busy, is excellent for a family meal.

The best things to do in Malahide Castle with kids

Malahide Castle Playgrounds

If you are visiting with kids, the best thing to do is without a doubt a visit to the amazing Malahide adventure playground.

It is close to the park, very way to reach even with strollers and buggies and it has two large areas with climbing frames, slides and swings.

There is plenty to do for kids and even when busy you get a nice sense of space: the frames are well spaced out and it doesn’t feel crammed.

The only issue we had with more than one child is that the frames end up being pretty far from each other so if you have kids interested in different things, you will need to divide and conquer or get them to take turns picking what to do as supervising both areas art the same time is not easy.

Discover the enchanting Malahide Fairy Trail

Malahide Castle has a wonderful fairy trail filled with fairy houses and sculptures for kids to spot.

You can book access to the trail online and the castle provides a booklet that helps kids making the most of the area.

The trail is pretty long and it can take over an hour to do it all but it an enchanting place and the booklet really helps keeping the children attentions and it is actually a wonderful way to get them active without them even noticing!

Have a break in the Avoca cafe

The Avoca cafe is inside the main castle area and is perfect for a meal or a treat.

Like others of this type, they have amazing cakes and treats as well as hot food and a shop with food and pretty objects that make lovely gifts.

Fun idea for kids: how about recreating an Irish tea party at home? You can find tips on how to throw an Irish tea party for kids wherever you are here!

Visit the gardens and butterfly house

The first thing you notice as you get to Malahide Castle are the large lawns in front of it, which offer wonderful expansive views of the surrounding countryside and the castle facade.

However, there is also a walled garden in Malahide castle which hosts a butterfly house.

I hear the butterfly house if fun but to be totally honest, I don’t like butterflies at all so we have never been!

However, it is there and if butterflies are your thing you can find all the info for visiting on the main Malahide castle website here

Visit the inside of the castle

Malahide has gardens so big an beautiful it is easy to come here and enjoy the outdoors only however, it is possible to also visit the castle inside.

Access is by guided tour only and the guides offer a great insight of the 800 years of history of this place.

It is fun to learn that the castle has many ghosts! Several visitors have reported having seen them so if your kids feel like going ghost spotting, this can be a good place to start.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview about visiting Malahide Castle with kids and it gave you ideas for a family day out near Dublin. Safe travel planning!

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